It has taken the company years of research to develop Suberite, a product with excellent insulating properties, which can adapt to many different and extreme situations, with great flexibility and optimal aesthetic results.

Suberite’s ideal application is in the building sector, where it is effective in residential architecture, public buildings and restoration work.

Based on the product technology, the company has formulated application cycles which enhance the effectiveness of Suberite, maintaining great simplicity of use.

In addition to this, Suberite offers numerous advantages: it replaces waterproofing products, bitumen sheets and traditional thermal insulators, significantly improving performance compared to other materials, combining excellent technical characteristics with a pleasant decorative appearance formed of surfaces and colours which highlight and extend its applications.

With one single approach, which is efficient, environment-friendly and stable over time, Suberite effectively meets different needs, with considerable savings in terms of material used, labour required and application times.

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