SUBERITE “bristle”

After completion of the traditional range of products with spray or skim-coating application (Suberite medium – Suberite fine – Suberite micro), the new Suberite “bristle” is now available.

Suberite setola è il prodotto nato per poterlo applicare soprattutto a pennello e rullo, oltre che ai classici sistemi a Spatola o Spruzzo.

Suberite “bristle” is designed for application mainly by brush and roller, in addition to the traditional spatula and spray systems. Targeted in particular at the do-it-yourself market and traditional domestic use, it enables users to create damp-proof and mould-proof coatings in domestic environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, while maintaining all the other characteristics of this cork-based product. It is supplied exclusively in the white version, ready for use or for diluting with very small amounts of water depending on usage and application system.

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